Fighting spirit

This morning, I woke up and saw Miguel kneeling upright and looked like he was gauging how high the side of his crib is. I was surprised to see him hold on to the crib railing and pulling his weight up. It’s a milestone!

It was only a few weeks ago when he couldn’t even carry his weight on all fours. And now, he’s kneeling! Actually, I thought his motor skills have been affected by his frequent seizures last month. But I guess, I was wrong (actually, Miguel has proven me wrong so many times now!).

This is Miguel’s fighting spirit. Go my baby! Mommy is behind you!



I am a full-time mom to four beautiful kids -- three girls and a boy. My youngest child, Miguel, has microcephaly. He was diagnosed when he was two months old. Since then, other symptoms surface such as seizures, global developmental delay, low muscle tone and neurological disorders. His doctors have not really determined the disorder causing his symptoms so it's been my quest to do my own research and help his doctors come to a final diagnosis. I started this blog to share with others lessons I've learned along the way.

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