Adaptive clothing

I’ve recently been actively looking for support groups in Facebook and I found this grandmother of a boy with special needs. So, I joined her group as I did with the other Facebook pages I visited. What caught my attention was the story of how she was able to influence Marks & Spencer to design clothing for children with special needs. What a determined woman she is! And what a loving grandma, too!

Here is where I came across the term “adaptive clothing.” What a brilliant term, I thought. 

When I was looking for clothes for Miguel that would accommodate his tube feeding, I would often use the terms “tube feeding clothes”, “tube access clothing”, or “clothes for tube feeding.” But when I used the word “adaptive clothing” yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised with the long list of retailers and companies offering such clothing.

For those of us whose child is tube-fed or simply needing a more comfortable clothing, I suggest you use the term “adaptive clothing” when searching for clothes for your dear one.

Happy shopping everyone!

Update (as of November 15, 2017, 3:27 PST): I was able to get in touch with moms who have actually ordered from Marks & Spencer special needs clothings and there seems to be some changes that they don’t see them anymore. I will try to get in touch with M & S to know firsthand.

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