Adaptive clothing

I’ve recently been actively looking for support groups in Facebook and I found this grandmother of a boy with special needs. So, I joined her group as I did with the other Facebook pages I visited. What caught my attention was the story of how she was able to influence Marks & Spencer to design clothing for children with special needs. What a determined woman she is! And what a loving grandma, too!

Here is where I came across the term “adaptive clothing.” What a brilliant term, I thought. 

When I was looking for clothes for Miguel that would accommodate his tube feeding, I would often use the terms “tube feeding clothes”, “tube access clothing”, or “clothes for tube feeding.” But when I used the word “adaptive clothing” yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised with the long list of retailers and companies offering such clothing.

For those of us whose child is tube-fed or simply needing a more comfortable clothing, I suggest you use the term “adaptive clothing” when searching for clothes for your dear one.

Happy shopping everyone!

Update (as of November 15, 2017, 3:27 PST): I was able to get in touch with moms who have actually ordered from Marks & Spencer special needs clothings and there seems to be some changes that they don’t see them anymore. I will try to get in touch with M & S to know firsthand.


I am a full-time mom to four beautiful kids -- three girls and a boy. My youngest child, Miguel, has microcephaly. He was diagnosed when he was two months old. Since then, other symptoms surface such as seizures, global developmental delay, low muscle tone and neurological disorders. His doctors have not really determined the disorder causing his symptoms so it's been my quest to do my own research and help his doctors come to a final diagnosis. I started this blog to share with others lessons I've learned along the way.

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