Today, we’re celebrating a victory

24201421_10155838165927567_1438621115_oThe one lesson I learned from having Miguel is appreciating little things.

Today, we’re celebrating one of Miguel’s small victories. Yes, I call them “victories” because he’s always coming out winning amidst seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Miguel has hypotonia so movements which come natural with other growing babies  such as head balancing, crawling, and sitting up are difficult tasks for him. This is why when he’s able to do one of those things, we celebrate.

Before his G-tube surgery in February, he was able to go on all fours and somehow pull himself forward. But after the surgery, it seemed like he regressed. He didn’t even want to roll over on his tummy.

I got discouraged. 

But after a few weeks of recovery, he started rolling over again and eventually was able to be on all fours. He was already re-learning how to pull himself forward when a series of major seizures hit him. It was a setback once more. We were in and out of the hospital so there was no time for therapy. He seemed to be regressing again.

I got discouraged.

Then one night in the hospital while he was still hooked to machines, I saw him balancing himself up. But of course, he was still quite weak so he repeatedly fell flat on his face. Add to that the wirings getting tangled up!

I found hope.

When we got home from the hospital, I could see that he was slowly re-learning how to get up on his knees. We were amazed when one morning, we saw him kneeling upright with his right hand on the side of his crib trying to pull himself up!

Today, while waiting for his physiotherapist to come, I saw him playing with his hands while sitting on his legs. He didn’t fall nor he wobbled. He was steady. He seemed comfortable balancing himself up.

It was a victory and today, we’re celebrating it.




I am a full-time mom to four beautiful kids -- three girls and a boy. My youngest child, Miguel, has microcephaly. He was diagnosed when he was two months old. Since then, other symptoms surface such as seizures, global developmental delay, low muscle tone and neurological disorders. His doctors have not really determined the disorder causing his symptoms so it's been my quest to do my own research and help his doctors come to a final diagnosis. I started this blog to share with others lessons I've learned along the way.

14 thoughts on “Today, we’re celebrating a victory

  1. Wow, so inspiring! It is so easy in every day life to be discouraged by things, and then I read a post like this, and I too find hope in reading it! I am so inspired by your story and your little guy! Thanks for sharing your journey!


  2. Amazing! Go Miguel! I love that you called them victories. I always say that a victory is still a victory no matter how small. You both will be in my prayers. I’ll be watching your journey from afar!


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