Friday Reflection: “This, too, shall pass”

pexels-photo-219998This, too, shall pass.

The saying reminds me that whenever I feel discouraged or depressed, the feelings will go away at some point. And Miguel has been very good at making those feelings pass because he unconsciously would show me his strength in unexpected ways.

When I feel elated because of some accomplishment, the saying helps me realize that whatever achievement I may have can easily be overshadowed by some mistake or failure. So, I shouldn’t be boastful about it. It keeps my feet on the ground.

The past week has taught me a lot of things.

  • Connecting with friends and family, accepting their offer of assistance, and being active spiritually helped me in overcoming my depressive mood.
  • Opening up about my feelings through writing has been helping me cope with the different challenges I face in caring for Miguel.
  • Miguel will continue to amaze me. That’s for sure!

All of the lessons I learned this week only points to one truth: This, too, shall pass.

And in the near future, in God’s new world, all sufferings and pain will have passed and good things will be here to stay.




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