Meeting with Miguel’s pediatrician

We just came from a meeting with Miguel’s pedia and I raised my suspicion about Miguel’s condition being Galloway-Mowat syndrome (GMS). I basically told her that Miguel has most of the symptoms listed under GMS. Then, together, we went over each symptom checking if it has been ruled out by tests already done on Miguel. For hiatal hernia, Continue reading

Galloway-Mowat Syndrome

I’ve been doing research on Galloway-Mowat syndrome for a week now. I came across that word one sleepless night while surfing the internet. I just thought of typing all of Miguel’s symptoms in the search bar to see if anything comes up. Voila! Galloway-Mowat syndrome was the first in a long list of articles in my Google search.

For the first time, I am able to find something whose symptoms are very close to what Miguel has. Among the many symptoms of the disease are: Continue reading